The Signs Of Boiler Breakdown in Essex

Ignoring minor issues with your heating is not the best thing to do. In fact, these niggling issues could be a sign that your heating system is heading disaster before long. With the Boiler installation Essex Homes generally have it is important that you take care of minor issues before they grow into big problems that may cost you a fortune to repair or replace the boiler. To avoid a complete shut down of the boiler, it is important that you get a professional boiler repair service to check the unit on a periodical basis. There are many signs of boiler breakdown. Being aware of some of these signs is important to prevent a complete breakdown of the unit. Here are some of the most common signs of boiler breakdown.

Unusual Noises – Noises are common in boilers to some extent due to the method used to heat the water. But if you start hearing banging or abnormally loud noises that don’t stop after a few minutes, the boiler might be heading for a breakdown. In fact, abnormal noises from the boiler could be due to limescale build up that is commonly found in areas with hard water Such as Essex. Sludge and limescale can block the heat exchanger – which may reduce the water flow. This will make the water boil the same way as in a kettle. Hence, this process is known as kittling. On the other hand, noises in the boiler could result from the accumulation of air in the system, low water pressure, and a faulty thermostat.

The Boiler Needs Frequent Repairs – In case the boiler is breaking down quite frequently and requires regular repairs, it could be a sign of an impending complete breakdown. Replacing such a boiler with a new energy-efficient model will help you save at least 35% on your utility bills. It will also save a lot on repair costs in the long run.

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The Boiler Heats Up Slowly Or The Hot Water Supply Is Unreliable – This means the boiler is becoming inefficient due to ageing. On the other hand, the hot water supply can become unreliable at times due to pressure issues. A professional boiler repair service will be able to inspect the boiler and tell you if this is the case or the boiler is about to break down due to ageing.

Your Home Isn’t Warming Up As It Should – This happens when the boiler becomes old or inefficient due to regular use. Your utility bills may also increase under such circumstances. That is where regular boiler servicing comes in handy. In fact, preventive maintenance is very important to prolong the lifespan of your boiler in the long run.

Frozen Pipes – The job of the condensate pipes is to carry water out of the boiler. These pipes may freeze during extremely cold weather situations. This is most likely to happen when the pipes are not insulated. You will see a flashing red or blue light or receive a D5 or EA error code in the system when this happens. Make sure that you choose a reputable boiler repair expert in the area to attend to the unit.

The Unit Doesn’t Stay Switched On – There could be several issues here. In fact, it could be due to a problem with the pressure valve of the system, an issue with the water pump or a broken thermostat. You should call a professional boiler repair service in the Essex Area to repair or replace any of these parts.

Niggling boiler issues can lead to a complete breakdown of your boiler over time. That is why you should immediately take care of these issues. The aforementioned article provides information on the signs of boiler breakdown in essex